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Our Males

V1 DIABLO VOM DREIFKE: The judge’s words were “Diablo produces nice tight feet correct croup, beautiful ears set.” He is the producer of several International / National Champion puppies. He also won first place in Best Produced Generation. He is our main breeder and has produced very stable nerved puppies. Diablo is the son of SCH1 Voodoo Hartis Bohemia. View Diablo’s Breeding Line ( 5 Generations)

RECON: Dutch Shepherd (Pedigree posting soon)

PANZER VOM DREIFKE: (Pedigree posting soon)

Our Females

ASANTA VOM DREIFKE: This is V1 Asanta vom Dreifke she is an International/National champion. She also won Best Bitch, Best of Breed and Best of Group 2012 & 2017. She is sable in color, tight feet, correct ears, and croup.

CHEY VOM DREIFKE: She has produced several International/National Champions. She is our top breeding female and most of her puppies are sold before they are even born.

BACCA VOM DREIFKE: Currently in the process of becoming our next International/National Champion. She is from the Xenia and Diablo litter. She has great drive and a great bone structure. She throws great puppies that have been OFA excellent and good and DM clear.

XENIA: This is Xenia she is a Certified Service dog, CGC and Puppy Star. She produces solid black and sable colored puppies.

AMY: This is Amy. Amy is a more laid back female, she is a black and red sable color. She is one of our bigger females. Her mother is our female Ecka.

ECKA: This is Ecka she is a black sable and our biggest female.

AKILA: This is Akila, she is from our Chey and Diablo breeding. She throws bi blacks and sables and has produced many show quality puppies.